Monday, February 13, 2012

You Know You're a Teacher When...

 Jeannie of Kindergarten LifeStyle has started a Pinterest Board, "You Know You're a Teacher When..." What a great idea! Thanks Jeannie!  There are sooo many funny stories that have been pinned. See Jeannie's blog button on the right side of my screen.

Here's mine....


  1. :0) and then decide you might as well stay and get some work done :0)

    thanks for joining my linky party Ruth!! I am a new follower!

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  2. Hi there,
    So thank goodness I have never done that...LOL I love those little posts though...they crack me up. I am your newest follower. Come visit me too, I'm new to blogging.
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    1. Vicky I hate to admit it, but I did exactly that. Got up one Sat. morning, rushed to school and was totally baffled that the building was closed. My husband was away on business and had a good laugh when he heard about it. LOL

  3. Hi Jeannie! That's exactly what I did!! :) Thanks so much for creating a linky party and for following me! I'm heading over to your blog to make sure I followed you!