Monday, August 22, 2016


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Number the Stars 71 page literature guide This is my VERY popular literature guide for Number the Stars.  It includes an article about World War II with questions and answers, as well as maps of Denmark and Europe to give students a historical perspective before they read the story.

Book or Story Response Task Cards - Use with any book or story. 122 activities on 22 cards.

Figurative Language Chart and Student Worksheets - Students use my handy figurative language chart that has terms and examples. They keep them in their writing folders to use, as they work on writing assignments in class.

NonFiction Bingo - Students LOVE playing my Nonfiction Bingo game and teachers love how well their students learn nonfiction terms and definitions!

Bloom Ball Reports - My Bloom Ball reports resource is based on Bloom's Taxonomy. Students create a fiction and biographical report based on the latest verbiage of the Taxonomy. A unique hands on approach that students and teachers LOVE!

Trifold Book Report - Use my trifold book report ready to print templates, with any book or story. This book report includes templates for reading strategies and letters to parents about the reports as well as student rubrics. 

Fantasy Essential Elements - Students LOVE fantasy stories. My 69 page fantasy essential elements literature guide contains everything you need when you read a fantasy story in class with your students.

If you follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers, you will be notified about new resources I post as well as updates of any resources you've purchased. Updates are free of charge! :)

Have a fantastic new school year!


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back to School "What are YOUR Favorites"?

I can remember one of my elementary teachers asking us what our favorite ice cream was the first week of fifth grade. Hands went up! Most yelled Chocolate! Many said Vanilla! Two who said strawberry were almost run out of the classroom.  "Ewwwww, how can you like strawberry ice cream?" one classmate whispered.

When I was growing up we didn't have fancy dancy ice cream. No Ben and Jerry's. Only chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, oh! and chocolate mint and chocolate fudge.

When I walk into ice cream stores today, the choices are mind boggling and I really WANT to try a new flavor, but always end up with a chocolate ice cream cone, dipped in chocolate piled to the ceiling on a sugary wafer cone. YUM!!

This is why I created my "What's Your Favorite" activity. I guess I really created it to see if kids still love plain ol' chocolate or vanilla ice cream. But honestly, I really like to get to know what other things my students really like.

Another sheet asks them to list adjectives to describe some of their favorite things. It's a great way to introduce adjectives the first week of school.

Click on my free Favorites pages but before you do, tell me... what's YOUR favorite ice cream??

Have fun!


photo of Back to School What are Your Favorites? Teacher Park

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Vocabulary Detective Cards 3

This is the third set of my FREE Vocabulary Detective Cards that I created when teachers told me how excited they were about my first two sets. Using these cards is a great way to motivate students to learn new vocabulary words and to identify nouns, verbs and adjectives when they read books in class. 

Here's how I do it.. 

Make a Detective Jar. A Mason jar with a wide opening is the best to use.  Print a label for it on a large piece of white paper that says "Detective Jar". Wrap it around the jar and tape or glue the ends.

Make copies of the cards for your students. Explain that you'll be running a weekly contest and that you'll pull three cards from the jar at the end of the week. Winners will receive a prize if they've entered the correct answers on them.  Be sure to have prizes for the winners. I order them online in bulk from the Oriental Trading Company. 

Tell your students they shouldn't cut the cards until they've entered the information on them. When they're finished, they can cut the cards,  fold them in half, then put them in the jar. 

Hope you and your students enjoy these contests! Thanks for stopping by!

Have fun!


photo of Vocabulary Detective Cards 3 Free PDF