Friday, April 24, 2015

Langston Hughes "DREAMS"

This packet has been revised. If you already have it, please download it again!
Langston Hughes' poem "Dreams" seems like a simple poem, but it teaches powerful lessons about life. 
This packet can be used to Celebrate Black History Month and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday! 
It can also be used to encourage your students to "follow their dreams" as they write about and design a Dream tee shirt! 

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Design A Game Book Report

It's that time of year again! Testing is almost over! 

I want to share a book report that I've done with my students for a number of years. It's been  a HUGE hit with not only my students, but their parents, as well.

We all know that kids love to play games, so I decided to design a game book report. I wanted to convince my students that they should read books that are a different genre. Many of them tend to read only one genre and it's usually realistic fiction. I also wanted to get parents involved in some way. That's when I decided to add a "bonus points" feature because the majority of my students love to earn bonus points.

I decided to title it, "Design A Game" book report.  Really original title eh? :)

The parent involvement is easy! All they have to do is play the game with their kids and sign the letter I send home, stating they played the game with their kids. A whopping five points can be earned for a total of 105 points if everything else is done correctly. 

The way you introduce it to your students is fun. Pass out the "Congratulations" slips to them and watch them sit up and take notice. It's an announcement that they've been chosen, by a book publishing company, to design a game based on a book.  Just this little slip of paper and its message, makes them feel important.

The kids have to design a game board that has questions or statements about the book they're reading. Then we have a game day where they all play each others' games and learn about new books. It's amazing how many comments you'll hear as they play the games like, "I really really want to read this book!"  "I never thought I'd like historical fiction, but this one sounds really good."  

The kids talk about the project with their friends and tell them about a new book they want to read. The word spreads and pretty soon, you'll see your students reading new books of different genre. 

Everything you need is in the packet. Parent letter, student rubric, how-to game instructions and more. 

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Have fun!


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Brown Bag It Healthy Foods

This is a great Earth Day or nutrition/healthy foods activity. Discuss healthy foods with your students and what choices they should make in order to fill up a bag lunch.  Show them how to read food labels and what to look for that's nutritional and what's not good to consume.  Working in small groups they can makes list of the foods on the mini poster or draw pictures of them.  Ask them to save cereal boxes and to bring them to school to compare the ingredients. The possibilities are endless! This is a free download.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It's that time of year again. 
TeachersPayTeachers is having a sale, today

February 25, 2015

I love the name of the sale


Just think about it. Teachers really ARE heroes 

We devote our lives to our students 
We motivate them to reach for the stars  
We inspire them to be the best they can be 
We encourage them to make a difference 
We help them when they don't understand 
We praise them and applaud their accomplishments 
We're sad, when they're sad 
We cry inside when they're hurting 
We encourage them to think creatively 
We applaud their talents 
We listen to them 
We smile and laugh with them 
We cheer when "they get it" 
We set the bar high and are consistent with our expectations 
Our profession is admirable but 
we don't often stop to think about the impact 
we have on our students 

Everything in my store is on sale for you 
who make a difference 
in students' 

Give yourself a pat on the back, every morning.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

TeachersPayTeachers Site Wide Sale!

TeachersPayTeachers is having a site wide sale!

Starts February 25th!
We collaborated to share our valuable teaching resources with you.
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Some of us, like myself, offer grades 4 -12 teaching resources. 

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Snowball Antonyms

After Hurricane Sandy roared up the coast causing a path of unthinkable destruction in our area, and a short time later, a Nor'Easter blizzard blasted us with Arctic winds and dumped nine inches of snow on us, I decided to create an activity packet called "Snowball Antonyms". 

This is a hands on activity, and what's really cool is your students don't have to wear mittens or gloves to do it! All that's needed are scissors, glue sticks, the activity sheets and dictionaries. 

Download this free activity to help increase your students' 
vocabulary so they will become better readers and writers! 
Have wintry fun!


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Spelling Activities for Any List of Words

When we were first told that we would no longer be using spelling books with our students, I thought our principal was kidding... I almost laughed out loud. Good thing I didn't. because he was serious.. We were all stunned then almost fell off our chairs when he announced the following.

As of today, you will create your spelling lists as a team and add content words from your science, social studies and math classes.

We weren't happy but that could be another post that I may do later.

Teachers are having to create their own spelling lists these days. In the past, we had spelling books that reinforced word "families" and often had vowel and consonant sounds, the "ei, ie" rules and much more.

In my opinion, those spelling books were as an important as cherries on a NY style cheesecake. :)

They reinforced spelling patterns, sounds, blends and even definitions. Each unit spiraled to the next and all had review pages of the earlier taught units.

I decided that if we weren't allowed to use those lovely little spelling books, I would create activities to accompany spelling lists I assigned to my students.

My packet has 24 different worksheets that can be used with any spelling list and yes, my activities reinforce much needed spelling rules, vowels sounds, etc. 

Take a few minutes to ask your students what a long and short "A" sounds like. Or better yet, ask them what a soft and hard "g" sound like. EVEN better ask them to tell you what a digraph is or to name a three letter 
consonant blend! 

Ask them to explain the spelling rule "when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking". I had a student tell me that it's like when his mom and dad go for a walk... His mother never stops talking. I could barely keep a straight face.

I can almost guess that many of your students' responses will be puzzled looks, almost like you're speaking a foreign language...

We need to bring back those important little spelling books!