Sunday, December 7, 2014

North Pole Prepositions

North Pole Prepositions

I decided to add this post again because I've had such a great response to this packet of activities. :)

Ever notice that some students use prepositions incorrectly. 
I see it in stduents' written work and hear it during class conversations.

These activities ask students to guess the correct prepositions that complete the sentences. They have four prepositions to choose from. Only one "fits" in each sentence.

When they're finished they draw pictures of the sentences to illustrate them. 

These activities make a cute book!

Have your students design a North Pole Prepositions cover, staple the pages together and send them home before the winter break!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

An Early December TeachersPayTeachers SALE!!

An early December sale! 

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I just modified my Nonfiction Bingo packet! If you've already purchased it, you may download it  again free of charge. The packet is now 45 pages, 20 are student Bingo cards. Also included is a student nonfiction text feature guide with terms and definitions. 

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Happy Holidays to All!!! 


Monday, November 17, 2014

North Pole Prepositions

Hi! I've been soooooooo bogged down lately, I haven't been blogging! I'm baaaaack! 

Here is some preposition "food for thought".

So many times I hear students say, "I'm waiting on line".  I ask them if they're standing on a line drawn in the road. They give me puzzled looks. You know those looks, right? 

Then, there's always someone who raises his or her hand and says, "That's how my mother says it..." I smile and nod. Uh huh. 

Guess what? When I'm in New York City I often hear "I'm waiting ON line... 

Another expression I hear very often is, "I'm babysitting my sister." UH?  Where's the preposition FOR? "I'm babysitting FOR my sister".  

But wait. Is the word "for" actually needed in that sentence? What about "I'm painting my fence." Does the word "for" work in that sentence?

Not to get off the subject of prepositions, but another expression that drives me crazy is "I'm going to grow a business". Grow a business?  I would say,"I'm going to create a business". When I think of the word "grow' I think of planting my vegetable seeds so they'll grow during the summer.  Don't mind me, I'm just having one of those grammar days. :)

Think about it, Are prepositions used differently in different  regions of the United States? Are the different uses, correct or not?  Again, food for thought. :)

I've had many great comments about my North Pole Prepositions since I CREATED the packet. (Notice I didn't say "... since I GREW my North Pole Prepositions packet :) 

Kids have to guess which prepositions fit correctly in the sentences and then draw pictures of them. I love their illustrations! 

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Punch or Stamp Cards for Classroom Management

No matter what time of year it is, teachers are always thinking about school! 

Classroom management and behavior are two top teacher issues.  

My FREE punch cards packet is a positive reward system that works! Over the years I've been teaching, I've tried many different classroom management systems and this one is great! I love positive reward systems. so I highly recommend this one. 

Just keep in mind that if you begin a reward system or any other type of behavior/classroom management system, it has to be done consistently.  If you don't follow through, your students will know. In my opinion, that's why some teachers have difficulty with behavior management techniques. Follow through is extremely important if the system is going to work.

Oh! If you don't want to punch the cards, each time a student reaches a milestone, you can stamp them with your special teacher stamp or you can use decorative punches that can be purchased in craft stores! 

Try the cards with a student who doesn't do homework or who has a hard time managing his or her time or materials and you'll definitely see positive changes.  The packet has all the instructions needed.  These cards have been used with 5th, and 6th grade students. 

I did, however, have a 7th grade teacher friend of mine,  who just couldn't reach a couple of her students. One, a very bright girl, was totally disorganized and the other student never completed his homework when it was due. She asked if she could try my punch cards. I told her the illustrations would be too "young" for her students. Well, it worked!  The students were a bit immature and needed a special pat on the back and TLC. That and the cards were a perfect fit. 

Click on the card to see more.. :) 


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Homophones Are Fun!

Which which is which? I remember my fourth grade teacher writing that question on the board and explaining what homophones are and why it's important to always write the correct spelling of them.

To this day, I remember the important lessons I was taught and still "hear" and "see" my teachers as they stressed important concepts and strategies. 

I had little tricks I used to remember some of them. The word "witch" contains the word "wit" so I thought of a nice witch who had a good sense of humor.  Little tricks like that can make difference. 

Another example are the homophones "bear" and "bare".  The word "bear" has "EAR" in it. Bears have ears! That one is easy. 

As I teach homophones we brainstorm for little tricks like that and I'm always amazed the kinds of clues my students think of to remember the correct spellings of homophones. 

Download my free homophone activities and have fun!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

NonFiction Student Worksheet

Kids often have difficulty transitioning from narrative to expository or fact based writing. Introducing nonfiction can be a lot of fun. Books like "Frog or Toad" by Patricia Lynch that Carolyn of the Wise Owl Factory reviewed on her BookaDay website is a great book to start off with. 

This book helps kids distinguish the differences between toads and frogs. I'd read this book to my students and then have them list the likenesses and differences on the free template that Carolyn has posted.

I'd then ask the kids to use my NonFiction worksheet, to fill in the information they can, then get into small groups to compare their answers. 

This free worksheet is best used with non-fiction books about subjects, autobiographies, biographies and other fact based books. Students can record facts on the sheets, about the non-fiction books they read and keep them in folders. Send them home at the end of the year as a surprise gift to parents! 
Click on the sheet to download. 

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Saturday, August 2, 2014


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