Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fish and Bubbles Clipart

Fish and Bubbles?  How did I think of that name?  A week ago, my husband and I went to one of our favorite local seafood restaurants that sits within a marina in town. I always say I'm going to order something different, but as it turned out, I once again ordered one of my favorite dishes, "Fish and Chips".

That day I had been creating all kinds of little critters on my computer. One of them was a colorful fish. As I was enjoying my delicious fish and chips,  the words FISH and BUBBLES popped into my mind. Fish and chips. Fish and Bubbles! When we got home, I turned on my computer and began creating bubbles which lead to seaweed, a little clam, more fish an underwater background and more.

I think teachers often have those same kinds of experiences. They have an idea in mind about a lesson they want to present, or worksheets they want to create and suddenly, out of nowhere,  PING! A creative idea is born!

It took me a few days to put the packet of clipart together for I see it being used along with a class ocean theme. Worksheets with fish and bubbles. The bubbles an be used in a variety of ways. Enlarge them and use them as background circles for numbers or letters of the alphabet. I also designed an underwater background with hues of blue.

Here are a few of the fish. Notice how bright and sharp the images are. All are in PNG format and have transparent backgrounds, so layering and sizing them is fun! I also included some black and white fish that can be used as coloring pages.

These are a couple of the fish. All are large and can be made any size. The clarity, color and sharpness of the images remain the same no matter what size they are.

photo of Fish and Bubbles Clip Art, clip art, PDF, graphics Teacher Park

This is the cover of my packet. If you'd like to read more about it, click on it!

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