Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coming of Winter

New England is in full bloom. 
The sugar maples, the most brilliant of all the reds, 
are decked out in their best, 
waiting for their long winter- white sleep robes. 

Their slumber will be abruptly shaken 
when the temperatures rise above freezing during the day 
and dip below freezing at night. 
That's the time when their sap runs, the blood of the sugar maples.

The mighty oaks stand proudly 
and are the last to salute winter's arrival. 
Even when the first snow falls, 
their leaves hang on for dear life, to every high twig. 

Under Mother Nature's order, 
the oaks then release the last yellow-brown leaves
 that drift 
to crusty blankets of snow.

The fields of Black eye Susan splashy flowers
 have transformed into brown seed laden balls.
Rich food for the flock of Goldfinches, 
that flutter from ball to ball, 
and rise up
in a yellow haze when startled. 

Chestnut and black striped chirpers,
 the chatty chipmunks 
scurry to
gather hazel nuts
and acorns
to fatten themselves for the onset of winter. 

The mountains are ablaze. 
Reds, yellows, 
crimsons and purples.
Splashes on nature's palette
Trees waving their last goodbyes
As they celebrate the coming of



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Carolyn!
      I love writing poetry :) I was inspired to write this one because our temperatures have dropped drastically in the last week or so and the trees are bursting with color. The sugar maples are the most stunning. I love seeing the buckets hanging on the sugar maples in February/March when the farmers are collecting the sap for maple syrup. The air becomes aromatic with the many aromas of wood fires that heat the sap in the syrup shacks. That's always been my first clue that spring is coming. :) Thanks for reading my autumn poem!