Sunday, December 2, 2012

North Pole Prepositions


I've always noticed that kids don't know the proper use of some prepositions. So many times I hear someone say, "I'm waiting on line" which should be "I'm waiting IN line". I ask my students if they're standing on a line drawn in the road. Another expression I hear very often is, "I'm babysitting my sister." UH?  Where's the preposition FOR? "I'm babysitting FOR my sister". 

Not to get off the subject of prepositions, but another expression that drives me crazy is "I'm going to grow a business". Grow a business is an expression that's made its way into the English language without anyone giving it a thought. More appropriately, it might be stated.. "I'm going to create a business". When I think of the word "grow' I think of planting my vegetable seeds so they'll grow during the summer.  Don't mind me, I'm just having one of those grammar days. :)

I love the winter even though I often complain about the frigid temperatures and snow. I love winter sports, winter games, winter, winter, winter! Then why do I complain? LOL!! Maybe I do want to live in a climate where there are palm trees, white beaches and temperate conditions??? 

I've had many great comments about my North Pole Prepositions since I CREATED the packet. (Notice I didn't say "... since I GREW my North Pole Prepositions packet :) Kids have to guess which prepositions fit correctly in the sentences and then draw pictures of them. Their illustrations are so cute and funny! 

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    1. HI Carolyn! Thanks so much for stopping by! I had the grammar grumbles when I posted this. Lately, I've heard many people using incorrect verb forms, prepositions and more! LOL
      Thank you for pinning this! :)

  2. Cute! This will be fun while reinforcing those grammar skills.