Saturday, July 28, 2012

UPDATE! August 5th The Back to School Dollar Days Sale was a great success. Thank you to everyone who participated in this great sale! My lessons are back to pre-sale prices but watch my TeachersPayTeachers store for sales.  Thanks again!


Announcing the first ever Back to School Dollar Days sale...with a $75 Gift Certificate to Really Good Stuff to boot! This Sunday, July 29th and Monday, July 30th, join us on the Cloud for an amazing sale and giveaway!

The Lesson Cloud authors have put together an amazing list of hundreds of items for just $1 or $2!! Stock up on all your Back to School needs for just $1 or $2 each. Plus, once you've stocked up, enter our $75 Gift Certificate Giveaway to Really Good Stuff!! Couldn't you use an extra $75 to start off the school year?

Keep watching The Lesson Cloud blog, The Lesson Cloud Facebook page and The Lesson Cloud Twitter feeds for more! Teachers Pre-K - 12 are selling incredible lessons for $1.00 and $2.00. 

photo of Lesson Cloud Dollar Days Sale July 29th and 30th Lesson Cloud

I have the following items on sale! Be sure to click on the Lesson Cloud Sale sign (above) to see the entire list of what talented teachers have put on sale. The link will be live just before midnight EST, on July 28th and the sale will last through July 30th All lessons will return to their original prices after the 30th.

photo of Number Critter Numbers 1-10 Teacher Park TeachersPayTeachers
Originally $3.00 On sale for $2.00

photo of Book Report Trifold Use with Any Novel TeachersPayTeachers
Originally $6.00 On sale for $2.00

photo of ABC Book Template for All Ages Teacher Park
Originally $3.75 On sale for $2.00

photo of Common Core Standards Reading Themes
Originally #3.00 On sale for $2.00

photo of Fish and Bubbles ClipArt Teacher Park
Originally $4.00 On Sale for $2.00

photo of Behavior Forms for Teachers Teacher Park
Originally $2.75 On Sale for $1.00

photo of Homophones are Fun
Originally $3.00 On Sale for $2.00

photo of Literary Packet Generic Worksheets High School or College
Originally $4.50 On Sale for $2.00

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to School "What are YOUR Favorites"?

I can remember one of my elementary teachers asking us what our favorite ice cream was the first week of fifth grade. Hands went up! Most yelled Chocolate! Many said Vanilla! Two who said strawberry were almost run out of the classroom.  "Ewwwww, how can you like strawberry ice cream?" one classmate whispered.

When I was growing up we didn't have fancy dancy ice cream. No Ben and Jerry's. Only chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, oh! and chocolate mint and chocolate fudge.

When I walk into ice cream stores today, the choices are mind boggling and I really WANT to try a new flavor, but always end up with a chocolate ice cream cone, dipped in chocolate piled to the ceiling on a sugary wafer cone. YUM!!

This is why I created my "What's Your Favorite" activity. I guess I really created it to see if kids still love plain ol' chocolate or vanilla ice cream. But honestly, I really like to get to know what other things my students really like.

Another sheet asks them to list adjectives to describe some of their favorite things. It's a great way to introduce adjectives the first week of school.

Click on my free Favorites pages but before you do, tell me... what's YOUR favorite ice cream??

Have fun!


photo of Back to School What are Your Favorites? Teacher Park

Templates and Forms Save Time

I can't count the number of times I've looked for a template or some kind of school form and just couldn't find it. I'd THINK I had saved it in a "Template" folder in my desk, but NO! I was so frustrated that I decided to take the time to create the ones that I use the most. Some of these can be used in my sub folder which will save me a lot of time.

Here's the list of what's in my packet.. I'm SO happy to have this so I don't have to stress out looking for them. 

2 Bingo cards. One left blank at the top so that any topic can be added. 
2 pages primary lined paper. One is in landscape.
Parent conference sign up sheet
Lesson plan sheet for one session - objectives, procedure, materials needed, etc. 
Spelling test generic sheet Numbered 1 -10
Spelling test generic sheet Numbered 1 - 25
Generic answer sheet for longer answers
Multiple choice answer sheet (A, B, C, D) 1-50
True/False answer sheet ( 1- 30 )
Seating chart square design, seats around the perimeter
Seating chart (desks in rows, two side by side)
Roll the Dice Reading Use with any novel Good for your sub folder
Roll the Dice Math multiplication facts Good for your sub folder
Good Behavior Mini Poster
Parent Volunteer Sign Up Form 
Student Sign Out Sheet
Student Passes - Library, Main Office, Nurse
Bookmarks - 3 positive quotes, 1 blank (Design Your Own)
Library/Media Center Sign Out Sheet
Professional Development Chart Keep track of the workshops you attend each year
Parent Movie Permission Slip (For showing PG movies in class with explanation)
Make Up Homework and Class work Chart (Helps keep track of missing assignments all on one sheet)
Homework Buddies Sign Up Sheet Assign homework buddy groups of three or four kids at the beginning of the year. They exchange phone numbers so that if someone has forgotten what a homework assignment is they can call each other. Saves a LOT of teacher time! Display a copy in your room.
Article, Story or Novel comment slips (Quick, brief response-to-text slips) 
12 Positive comment slips - Give to students as they work in class
Year Planner by Month Good to list monthly projects and important dates to have posted in your room.
Transportation sheet Keep track of how students travel to and from school. Kids often change buses or have a different way of getting to school (parents drop them off, etc)

The majority of these are black and white only. Some have color graphics that print out fine in black and white. 

Click on the cover of my packet to see more....

photo of Templates and Forms Save Time Teacher Park

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fish and Bubbles Clipart

Fish and Bubbles?  How did I think of that name?  A week ago, my husband and I went to one of our favorite local seafood restaurants that sits within a marina in town. I always say I'm going to order something different, but as it turned out, I once again ordered one of my favorite dishes, "Fish and Chips".

That day I had been creating all kinds of little critters on my computer. One of them was a colorful fish. As I was enjoying my delicious fish and chips,  the words FISH and BUBBLES popped into my mind. Fish and chips. Fish and Bubbles! When we got home, I turned on my computer and began creating bubbles which lead to seaweed, a little clam, more fish an underwater background and more.

I think teachers often have those same kinds of experiences. They have an idea in mind about a lesson they want to present, or worksheets they want to create and suddenly, out of nowhere,  PING! A creative idea is born!

It took me a few days to put the packet of clipart together for I see it being used along with a class ocean theme. Worksheets with fish and bubbles. The bubbles an be used in a variety of ways. Enlarge them and use them as background circles for numbers or letters of the alphabet. I also designed an underwater background with hues of blue.

Here are a few of the fish. Notice how bright and sharp the images are. All are in PNG format and have transparent backgrounds, so layering and sizing them is fun! I also included some black and white fish that can be used as coloring pages.

These are a couple of the fish. All are large and can be made any size. The clarity, color and sharpness of the images remain the same no matter what size they are.

photo of Fish and Bubbles Clip Art, clip art, PDF, graphics Teacher Park

This is the cover of my packet. If you'd like to read more about it, click on it!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Amanda Clark Cousin in the Summer Olympics

It's very exciting to have a cousin who's participating in the Summer Olympics!!

Our cousin, Amanda Clark was with the Olympians in Washington, D.C., during the Fourth of July celebration and concert that was aired on television. 

Each of the Olympians' names were called and close up's were shown of all these talented young people. It was a great moment these young Olympians, who will be heading to Great Britain to compete!

Amanda started sailing at a young age and has raced competitively all over the world. She also raced in the last summer Olympics in Bejing, China.

Amanda Clark Team Go Sail 2012 Summer Olympics
Click on the picture to go to the Team Go Sail 2012 site!

On the Team Go Sail 2012 site, you'll see information about Amanda and Sarah, her teammate.  There's also a picture of her standing with one of the greatest musical American prodigies .. the famous John Williams who conducted that night. 

They're on FB too where you can "like" her page. We have to cheer for our American Olympians!