Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Coming Soon! 

A Surprise!

I've been working on a project with an award winning author and incredibly talented artist for the last four months and the project is almost finished!  It's been hard keeping this project a secret! 

I'll be posting more information soon so please check back.  You can also sign up to get email notifications of when I do post more information about it. 

Okay.. Here is a little information about the book, but I'm not going to tell you the name of it YET :)

 The book has already won the Connecticut Press Award for Children's Literature and is in Barnes and Noble stores. 

The author and I discussed putting activities on a CD that would be made available for  classroom teachers, school Media Center teachers, librarians, homeschool parents and basically EVERYONE! 

photo of The Legend of HobbomocK: Jason Marchi The Sleeping Giant, legend, grades 4 and up, PDF

~ A copy of the book in PDF format  for grades 3 and up. (ALL AGES love this book!)

~ An audio recording (MP3) of the book, Read by an NPR classical music radio show host from Chicago, who is also a well known opera star and who sings with symphonies around the world.

~ My packet that includes activities for all learners. I created a packet of 87 activities for the book. The genre of the book is included in the Common Core Standards. All student worksheets are ready to print and in PDF format. 

There are fun hands on activities, art activities, a game and much more.  The majority of all the activities align with the Common Core ELA Standards, Informational Standards and Common Core Math standards! Also included are map skills activities that align with states' social studies curriculums. It's a great way to integrate math and social studies into an ELA project! 

Why the MP3 recording of the book?  We're providing the recording of the book so children can read along with the audio recording. It's a great way for them to associate words with oral language.  

The audio recording also provides way for visually handicapped people to "visualize" the story as it's being read. And don't forget our reluctant and non-readers. They can hold the hard copy of the book in their hands and turn the pages to look at the pictures, as they listen to the story. 

The PDF of the entire book, on the CD,  is perfect for small groups of children who can view the book at centers and work on the fun activity sheets together.  

If you're wondering if the hard cover book will also be available, the answer is YES!

I'm predicting everything will be done in a few days, so please STAY TUNED!! 

Because Boards of Education have slashed their budgets, they aren't giving the money to teachers so they can purchase things for their classrooms. 
Because of this, there will be an incredible offer for the CD and book. 




  1. I'm so excited! I'll be keeping an eye on your blog for the audio and book. I found you on a linky party at Fern Smith's Terrific Teacher Blogs and I'm so glad I did. Thanks for sharing with your newest follower, Heather

  2. Hi Heather! I'm sooo excited! It looks like we'll make the announcement Monday or Tuesday! I feel very honored to be part of this award winning team! I will tell you this. The person who did the audio recording of the book is a well known NPR host. We're very lucky to have him on the team! It's been an incredible learning experience!
    Thank you so much for following me! Fern is great! I love her linky parties. :)
    See you soon!