Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thank A Million Teachers!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

A New Year's day tradition in our family is to always watch the Rose Parade. Colorful floats, marching high school bands, veterans, prancing horses, cheering crowds! It's two hours of nice relaxing, quality family time, which is rare these days because of schedules being so different.
What's next???

As the Farmers' Insurance float came around the bend, I noticed a sign that said, "Thank A Million Teachers".  The camera panned all around the float, then zoomed in on a man and woman sitting next to each other. It was actor Jack Black and his middle school drama teacher!! 

When the parade was over, I just had to do a Google search for the float and Jack Black who has always been one of my favorite actors. 

I was elated when I pulled up the following site! Farmers Insurance gave away 1 million dollars in grants to teachers in 2014 ! 

Watch the inspiring video of Jack Black and his former middle school drama teacher, Debbie Devine, by clicking on the image. Information is also given about the 2014 winners and a place where YOU can thank a teacher ! 

How often I've thought about teachers who made a real difference in my life. One, in particular, was John White, my high school English teacher, who reviewed parts of speech, grammar and writing techniques, using lyrics of popular songs and rock bands. He was one of the most memorable teachers I ever had. His soft spoken manner and fairness was a model of how I would interact with my students when I became a teacher. Dear Mr. White, thank you for making my dream come true !

And how could I ever forget my high school biology teacher, Joe Natale, who was a second year teacher at that time. His enthusiasm and great sense of humor inspired me to become a teacher, but not specifically a biology teacher. I opted for a certification that would allow me to teach all subject areas. So Dear Mr. Natale, even though I didn't get a degree in biology, you also inspired me to follow my dream !

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