Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Templates and Forms Save Time

I can't count the number of times I've looked for a template or some kind of school form and just couldn't find it. I'd THINK I had saved it in a "Template" folder in my desk, but NO! I was so frustrated that I decided to take the time to create the ones that I use the most. I save this in my sub folder on my desktop!

Here's the list of what's in my packet.. I'm SO happy to have this so I don't have to stress out looking for them. 

2 Bingo cards. One left blank at the top so that any topic can be added. 
2 pages primary lined paper. One is in landscape.
Parent conference sign up sheet
Lesson plan sheet for one session - objectives, procedure, materials needed, etc. 
Spelling test generic sheet Numbered 1 -10
Spelling test generic sheet Numbered 1 - 25
Generic answer sheet for longer answers
Multiple choice answer sheet (A, B, C, D) 1-50
True/False answer sheet ( 1- 30 )
Seating chart square design, seats around the perimeter
Seating chart (desks in rows, two side by side)
Roll the Dice Reading Use with any novel Good for your sub folder
Roll the Dice Math multiplication facts Good for your sub folder
Good Behavior Mini Poster
Parent Volunteer Sign Up Form 
Student Sign Out Sheet
Student Passes - Library, Main Office, Nurse
Bookmarks - 3 positive quotes, 1 blank (Design Your Own)
Library/Media Center Sign Out Sheet
Professional Development Chart Keep track of the workshops you attend each year
Parent Movie Permission Slip (For showing PG movies in class with explanation)
Make Up Homework and Class work Chart (Helps keep track of missing assignments all on one sheet)
Homework Buddies Sign Up Sheet Assign homework buddy groups of three or four kids at the beginning of the year. They exchange phone numbers so that if someone has forgotten what a homework assignment is they can call each other. Saves a LOT of teacher time! Display a copy in your room.
Article, Story or Novel comment slips (Quick, brief response-to-text slips) 
12 Positive comment slips - Give to students as they work in class
Year Planner by Month Good to list monthly projects and important dates to have posted in your room.
Transportation sheet Keep track of how students travel to and from school. Kids often change buses or have a different way of getting to school (parents drop them off, etc)

The majority of these are black and white only. Some have color graphics that print out fine in black and white. 

Click on the cover of my packet to see more....

photo of Templates and Forms Save Time Teacher Park


  1. Amazing! Thank you so much for the wonderful resources!

  2. Thanks Lucinda! I was always looking for a complete packet of templates. I finally decided to make one and figured other teachers might like to have a set of them. Thanks for stopping by!