Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back to School "What are YOUR Favorites"?

I can remember one of my elementary teachers asking us what our favorite ice cream was the first week of fifth grade. Hands went up! Most yelled Chocolate! Many said Vanilla! Two who said strawberry were almost run out of the classroom.  "Ewwwww, how can you like strawberry ice cream?" one classmate whispered.

When I was growing up we didn't have fancy dancy ice cream. No Ben and Jerry's. Only chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, oh! and chocolate mint and chocolate fudge.

When I walk into ice cream stores today, the choices are mind boggling and I really WANT to try a new flavor, but always end up with a chocolate ice cream cone, dipped in chocolate piled to the ceiling on a sugary wafer cone. YUM!!

This is why I created my "What's Your Favorite" activity. I guess I really created it to see if kids still love plain ol' chocolate or vanilla ice cream. But honestly, I really like to get to know what other things my students really like.

Another sheet asks them to list adjectives to describe some of their favorite things. It's a great way to introduce adjectives the first week of school.

Click on my free Favorites pages but before you do, tell me... what's YOUR favorite ice cream??

Have fun!


photo of Back to School What are Your Favorites? Teacher Park


  1. I love the favorites game! I also have my students make "I Am" statements on the first day of school like "I am a big sister" or "I am an animal person." It is fun and forces them to kind of do a different take on the "more about me" idea. Any way, nice post (and my favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry's Karamel Sutra).

  2. Lucinda!! Ohhhh I've always loved caramel. I'm definitely going to try Ben and Jerry's!! (I promise!!) Those are really cute ideas you use with your students. Kids love animals so I can just imagine the different types of animals they come up with. Do you have a blog?
    Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to check back here on July 29th and 30th for the Lesson Cloud Dollar sale days announcement. :)