Saturday, March 18, 2017

Common Core Standards Worksheets to Use with Any Book or Story!

When the Common Core was adopted, I decided teachers would need Common Core worksheets they could use with any story or book. 

To make sets of these worksheets, would take more time than teachers have on hand, so I've developed some that will make teachers' lives easier. 

Don't you find that students often confuse main ideas with themes? Mine do! These first two resources will help them understand the differences!

photo of Common Core Standards Reading Themes PDF Teacher Park

photo of Common Core Reading Standards Main Idea PDF Teacher Park

Each year, I discover that many of my students don't know the "basics" thus I created foundational skills task cards that can be used as informal assessments to find out who's mastered the skills and who needs a gentle review. :)

photo of Common Core Task Cards Foundational Skills PDF Teacher Park




  1. I think this post was spot on! My own team believes I'm too old school for pushing cursive writing in my class. Everything is labeled in cursive and I start with cursive from day one! I was taught cursive in 2nd grade and I only use manuscript when I have to.
    Memorizing multiplication tables, why not if they can? Personally I couldn't memorize them, I had to practice to get them down and hated math until I did. It is my favorite subject now. Of course there are other ways shown to students, let them pick up what works best for them. In my opinion, even numbered multiplication facts should be taught in grade 2, along with the skip counting they cover.
    Poetry,now that is a subject that is often passed over lightly. I believe it would foster a better understanding and love of literature later on in higher grades.
    I agree, raise the bar. You never know how much a child can do until presented with a challenge. A lot of thought has gone in to helping weaker students improve while neglecting our gifted students. CC was introduced in 2010 in Michigan and I felt my stronger students were left behind.


    1. Michelle, It'a refreshing to meet someone who loves cursive like I do! I totally agree with you about raising the bar and that certain kids have been "left behind". Yes, yes! More poetry! I remember interpreting poetry all throughout school. It made me THINK. Today's kids aren't getting the same kind of education I experienced. I do my best to keep the bar raised for all kids and to make modifications for those who really require it. I really appreciate your comment.