Sunday, April 2, 2017

Design A Game Book Report

I want to share a book report that I've done with my students for a number of years. It's been  a HUGE hit with not only my students, but their parents, as well.

We all know that kids love to play games, so I decided to design a game book report. My objective was to convince my students that they should read books that are different genre. 

Ask your students what genre they like the best. I bet many will say realistic fiction is their favorite. There are some who gobble up mysteries, some will swear that fantasies are their favorites.

I also wanted to get parents involved in some way. That's when I decided to add a "bonus points" feature because the majority of my students love to earn bonus points.

I decided to title it, "Design A Game" book report.  Really original title eh? :)

The parent involvement is easy! All they have to do is play the game with their kids at home and sign the letter stating they played the game with their kids. A whopping five points can be earned for a total of 105 points if everything else is done correctly. 

The way you introduce it to your students is fun. Pass out the "Congratulations" slips to them and watch them sit up and take notice. It's an announcement that they've been chosen, by a game company, to design a game based on a book.  Just this little slip of paper and its message, makes them feel important.

The kids have to design a game board that has questions or statements about the book they're reading. Then we have a game day where they all play each others' games and learn about new books. It's amazing how many comments you'll hear as they play the games like, "I really really want to read this book!"  "I never thought I'd like historical fiction, but this one sounds really good."  

The kids talk about the project with their friends and tell them about a new book they want to read. The word spreads and pretty soon, you'll see your students reading new books of different genre. 

WHAT'S REALLY FUN IS TO HAVE A game "night" so parents, friends and family can join in the fun and play the games. 

At the end of the year, there are always students who are kind enough to leave their games with me so I can share them with my future students! :)

Everything you need is in the packet. Parent letter, student rubric, how-to game instructions and more.  Be sure to read teachers' comments below the product description and you'll see how popular my Design a Game Book Report is! 

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Have fun!


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