Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spelling Activities for Any List of Words

When we were first told that we would no longer be using spelling books with our students, I thought our principal was kidding... I almost laughed out loud. Good thing I didn't, because he was serious! We were all stunned, then almost fell off our chairs when he announced the following.

"As of today, you will create your spelling lists as a team and add content words from your language arts, science, social studies and math classes".

In my opinion, those spelling books we had always used were as an important as cherries on a NY style cheesecake. :) Well, the books weren't quite as delicious as cheese cake. :) :)

Most importantly, the lessons in those little books reinforced spelling patterns, word families,vowel and consonant sounds, blends and even included word definitions. Each unit spiraled to the next and all had review pages of the earlier taught units.

So I decided that if we weren't allowed to use those lovely little spelling books, I would create activities to accompany spelling lists I assigned to my students.

My packet has 24 different worksheets that can be used with any spelling list and yes, my activities reinforce much needed spelling rules, vowels sounds, etc. 

Take a few minutes to ask your students what a long and short "A" sounds like. Or better yet, ask them what a soft and hard "g" sound like. EVEN better ask them to tell you what a digraph is or to name a three letter 
consonant blend! 

Ask them to explain the spelling rule "when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking". I had a student tell me that it's like when his mom and dad go for a walk... His mother never stops talking. I could barely keep a straight face!!

I can almost guess that many of your students' responses will be puzzled looks, almost like you're speaking a foreign language...

I created these activities to use as informal assessments to see who's achieved mastery and who needs a review! 

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