Thursday, August 18, 2011

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I've been posting on my blog for a couple of days now and decided that, today, I'd share some of my TpT lessons with you. 

Here's a sampling of what I offer on TeachersPayTeachers. 

This packet of geometric shapes includes posters for the basic geometric colored shapes of a triangle, square, rectangle and circle. Print on heavier stock paper. laminate, and they can be used year to year as a display while teaching the basic shapes.

Print out these FREE homework passes and have them handy!  Use them for good citizenship, good work and behavior! These are a great "pat on the back" reward at the beginning of school!

Kids love choices. At the beginning of the year, give them these 210 journal response cards that they can cut out and paste in their journals.

Back to school is a time that you want to get to know your students and also assess how well they write. The pages of this fun questionnaire enables you to learn about your students' study habits, subjects they like, their feelings about certain topics and issues, their opinions, the place they're most comfortable doing homework, if they do their homework, if they like to read, their favorites and much more. They're also asked to assess how well they completed the questionnaire. Teacher tips are included.

Back to School Night is often stressful! Even seasoned teachers are anxious when they have to meet new parents for the first time.This packet of handouts and teacher tips makes less work for you and the preparation for Back to School Night less stressful. Some of the pages included are: refrigerator reminders, tips about when to communicate with the teacher, homework tips, movie waiver forms to send parents, late homework assignments and more.

Teachers often think that ABC books are only for primary grades. I've successfully used ABC templates with middle school students for many different projects including science, social studies, geography, creative writing, poetry, math word problems, book reports and more.
Included are templates for each letter of the alphabet, an alphabet grid that's a great brainstorming tool and a cover page template. Templates are in black and white due to cut backs in schools, however, student artwork adds the color needed.

Use this grammar assessment as a diagnostic or end of the year assessment, as a teaching tool or practice for mandatory state tests. Included are: Nouns, verbs and verb tenses, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, synonyms, antonyms, plural and singular nouns, alphabetical order, pronouns, prefixes, contractions, syllables, types of sentences (exclamatory, declarative, interrogative, imperative), punctuation, subjects, predicates, context clues, prepositions, direct objects, complete or incomplete sentences, capitalization, editing and revising sentences.
There are 35 questions with some having multiple examples to answer. Answers are included.

Your students will love this states and capitals activity. I've modified this to be a more fun type of activity that kids become totally engrossed in. They color the states according to the directions on the sheets that are included in this packet. For example, all states that begin with the letter N, might be colored with purple polka dots. Those states that begin with the letter O, might be be colored with green stripes. One map is for coloring the states, another is for coloring the state capitals. This activity helps students to learn the states, capitals, and become familiar with their shapes. Display these colorful maps around your classroom. 


If you'd like to see some adorable. extremely well planned lessons, check out the Wise Owl Factory. Carolyn has created wonderful lessons in all kinds of formats.  Her inspiration and dedication to teaching is admirable.  If it wasn't for her tremendous assistance, my blog wouldn't be up and running. 

Carolyn is an avid nature lover and observer. Take a look at this video of a moose that she has on her site that can be used with the book "Agate, What Good is a Moose?" by Dey and Johnson. What a perfect video for kids to get an up close view of a young moose eating river plants! I really don't know if I could hold my breath that long! 

I could barely stop oooo'ing and awwww'ing when I saw the baby polar baby video. I just wanted to hug him to pieces. The book is a true story called Knut, How One Little Polar Bear Captured the World by Hatkoff, Gerald R. Uhlich, Craig Hatkoff, Craig Hatkoff, Isabella Hatkoff.

This brings back fond memories of when I saw Klondike and Snow, the baby polar bears who were abandoned by their mother, at the Denver Zoo. They were taken to Sea World in FL when they were about a year old.  I had my picture taken with them as the nudged the glass where I was sitting!  I bought the Denver Zoo's book called "Klondike and Snow" published by the Denver Zoological Foundation in 1995 and read it to the kids every year since then. I'd show the following video to them too! 
Klondike & Snow - 2 Baby Polar Bears - YouTube

Take a look at Carolyn's TeachersPayTeachers site too!!
Store: Wise Owl Factory -



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It happens to me all the time.
I found these font sites as I was looking for something or another...

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