Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Curious Summer Thoughts

Welcome to Teacher 4Kids!

Doesn't it seem like the summer's flying by? Wasn't it just yesterday that you were saying goodbye to your kids as they left your classroom on the last day of school?

When we were kids the summers always seemed endless. We'd ride our bikes until sunset, played games, went to the beach and read our favorite books. We explored, created games, played tag, hide 'n seek and had fun!  It seems like there were 36 hours to every day!

Now that we're adults, the summer days seem much shorter. Is there ever enough time to get everything done? Throughout the school year, there are always comments like...  "I  can't believe it's Thanksgiving already!" or "I didn't have enough time to do a certain project with my kids that took me hours and hours to prepare", or "Can you believe it's June? Where has the time gone?"

Many schools are already back in session. Being a native New Englander, the idea of school starting before Labor Day is foreign to me.

August is the month of beach clambakes and steamed lobster drenched in hot butter. The "butter and sugar corn" is sweeter than ever and perfect for August picnics and town fairs.  There are small town oyster festivals along the shore and sidewalk sales with vibrantly colored swim suits begging to be sold. Barefoot kids scamper along the ocean beaches, searching for perfect squirmy sea critters and seashells, as sailboats lazily drift by in the blazing sun.


A month to celebrate before the chilly breath of Autumn arrives.


  1. Dear Ruth:
    It is going to be a joy reading your very well written blog! It reads like a book. I love how you state everything so well. Happy blogging! Carolyn

  2. Thank you so much Carolyn! And thank you for all your help and support getting this blog set up!