Thursday, September 22, 2011


When I first started selling on about two years ago, I came across a product for the novel HUNGER GAMES. Not being very familiar with it, I clicked on one of Tracee's Hunger Games products on TpT and was amazed by the incredible quality of  it.

As I became more and more absorbed in TpT,  I began to see Tracee's name everywhere on the Web.... Hunger Games....Hunger Games! thus I dubbed her the Hunger Games Diva! 

With her great success on TpT, she's a wonderful role model for all sellers and always graciously offers help to those who have questions about technical and marketing tips.

Tracee just received the "Top 10 Teaching Blog Award" for HUNGER GAMES! She then "PAID IT FORWARD" and noted 10 favorite blogs on her site! Thank you, Tracee for choosing mine!

Take a look at her incredible site!



  1. Thank you, Ruth! I am honored to be the "Hunger Games Diva"! And YOU are truly awesome!! I've enjoyed getting to know you via the internet & you are such an inspirational & creative teacher.

  2. I figured out the problem...I was trying to post that button for you & it was messing it up! Oops!! Thanks, again, and I SO enjoyed your story about your GeoBears! How awesome!!