Monday, March 12, 2012

Earth Day Activities

Looking for something different to do with your students on Earth Day, April 22?  These worksheets are designed so your students will have fun as they discuss ways to protect the environment, recycle and reuse.
My design of Jane Yolen's poem "I Am the Earth" has a frame where kids can paste or draw their pictures.  Other activities include Earth Day haiku, April categories, ABC order, scrambled words and more. Jane Yolen's earth day poem with all your students' pictures will make a colorful classroom display. The poem is offered in color and black and white. Click on the poem for the download.

photo of Earth Day activities, jane yolen, environment,  save the earth, recycle,  reduce, reuse


  1. Thank you Lucia! Jane Yolen is one of my favorite authors/poets. I'm glad you enjoyed it!