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Do you find yourself spending hours and hours on the Web trying to find a GOOD lesson plan, a complete novel packet,  project or assessment?

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These are some of my best sellers!

These cards are being used by teachers everywhere! There are sixty activities, five per card that can be used with any novel. The cards can be laminated and used year to year, in small, large groups, with guided reading groups, literature circles and at literacy centers. Some include art activities, writing letters, sequel, adding new characters to novels, changing the setting, determining the author's purpose and more.
For grades 4 and up. Some teachers have used these with students in grades 3 -  8

Have a frog in your throat?  Has the cat got your tongue? Are you in a pickle? The kids will have fun learning these idioms. A written activity requires the kids decide which sentences illustrate the idioms. Create a bulletin board with pictures students draw of the literal meanings of them. Have them work in small groups, to write stories using idioms with dialogue. Great for ESL students!

Based on Bloom's Taxonomy Your students will have fun as they work together to write, draw, cut out and glue the edges of the circles together when they are finished creating their reports. Included in this 17 page packet are: templates in color and black and white, teacher and student instructions, templates in two different sizes, and more. When the balls are completed, they are colorful, interesting projects to hang around the classroom.

Just imagine Cinderella's glass slipper is a sneaker and she arrives to the ball in a limo! Students rewrite traditional fairy tales as modern ones, (Fairy Tale Makeovers) write an interview with a fairy tale character, and retell one from another character's point of view. Another worksheet centers around the protagonist, antagonist.

These self explanatory student worksheets can be completed independently, in pairs, in guided reading groups or literature circles. Worksheets include: plot, setting, characters, connections, essays, reflections, thought provoking questions, response to text, and themes, differentiated activities that include student contests for writing raps, poetry and more. There are vocabulary words and questions for each chapter Great survival websites for kids are also included.

Sequencing is often difficult for kids. This packet has various sequence activities that help you assess your students' ability to put things in order.

These 20 self explanatory student worksheets include: setting, characters, plot, reflections, predictions, thought provoking questions, connections, note keeping page, themes, rising, falling action, climax, author's purpose, character comparisons of the novel and comparisons of characters with characters in other novels. Great for small or large groups, literature circles or guided reading groups.

Fourteen student worksheets include graphic organizers, interactions with other characters, emotional connections, influences by environmental and social factors, change of viewpoint, essays, comparison of characters,strengths and weaknesses interpreting quotations and themes, a journal page for recording important events and personal reactions, rising, falling action, climax and more. Use as class or homework assignments or as assessments.

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