Sunday, November 27, 2011



This is an excellent, step-by-step program! New and experienced bloggers will benefit from these well organized PDF visuals. 

All PDFs, step by step:
Add a gadget for grab my button code 
Adjust widths in Blogger layout
Comparison of posting in OLD Blogger to New Blogger 
How to add a Blogroll to feature other Blogs 
(add RSS feeds so they automatically appear)
How to add share buttons to each Blogger Post 
Edit a post
How to add a header to Blogger
How to link back to your site when commenting on blogs
How to add a link in a TpT product description 
How to add a picture to a Blogger post 
How to make a graphic or picture a link
How to get a Twitter account 
How to have a Linky party 
How to link any picture or graphic in Blogger 
How to make a Sqworl 
How to press screen button and make a picture of screen 
HTML for a link back to your site
Networked Blogs tech help

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