Friday, December 9, 2011

Education Quotation Posters and Activities

Inspire your students to think about education and learning by displaying these 23 posters that are  8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. I display two or three per month.  Print them on antique looking paper and frame them. I bought three frames and rotate the posters throughout the year. 

Included is a mini research project with student worksheets that can be done later in the school year. Students explore the Web in order to find biographical information about the people who wrote the quotations. Quotes are by: Benjamin Franklin, Socrates, Nelson Mandela, Abigail Adams, John Dewey, A.A. Milne, John Milton, Rosa Parks, Eric Fromm, Joseph Campbell, George Santayana, Allan Bloom, Marvin Minsky, Vernon Howard, Abraham Lincoln, Willa Cather, Lloyd Alexander, Will Rogers and more.
Click below to see how to obtain the packet.

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