Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In Your Hands (Song for My Teacher)

We teachers sometimes don't know what becomes of our students years down the road.  

I think a lot about them, wondering what they're doing now...

I just happened to find this song while doing research for something else.  I hit the play button and before I knew it, these questions popped into my mind...

Did I make a difference in their lives? 

Was I a good role model? 

 Did I keep the "bar high"? 

Were my expectations consistent?

Did I expect things from my students that I'd expect of my own children?

Did they realize that my purpose was to lead them down a path to help them become productive, responsible adults?

One of the most important questions that I think about is....

Do they know how MUCH I care about them?

The minute I heard the song and really listened to the words,  I pinned it on Pinterest and put it on my Facebook page. 

I must have played it 20 times and each time I thought about those who've passed through my classes and all the students around the world, who will soon start a new school year. 

As I listened to it, tears streamed down my face..... very happy tears. 

So, of course, I set out to find other videos about teachers.

With the beginning of a new school year approaching...

How are YOU feeling?

I know you're busy, but take a few minutes to watch these videos.

Good teachers need to be UPLIFTED

Good teachers need A PAT ON THE BACK

Good teachers need to know they make a difference in children's lives,  
but it's sometimes 
not apparent ...

Take a few minutes and watch these videos. :)

"Once a teacher, ALWAYS a teacher"....


  1. I got the best gift a teacher can get over the summer. Two of my students from last school year made a video of themselves signing "You Have Made a Difference" and sent it to me in an email. Now I have a wonderful reminder, and I can watch the video during a break on a rough day. I love that there are songs to encourage teachers. Sometimes we really need that!

    1. Hi Karen! What a wonderful gift! Sometimes we just don't know how much we mean to our students. Someone shared that song with me today. It's so incredibly touching! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're having a great summer. :)