Friday, January 27, 2012

Adopt a Chimp for Chimpentine's Day

In past years, I've introduced my students to organizations dedicated to saving wolves and sea turtles. My students adopted these animals and were given adoption papers and other information about them.
Caregiving organizations, such as these, provide sanctuary for injured, elderly or abused animals who  often require assistance, love and the comfort of their natural surroundings.

I was recently made aware of a chimpanzee sanctuary in Fort Pierce, Florida. This sanctuary is the largest chimp safe environment in the world. It all began in 1997, when founder Dr. Carole Noon discovered that many of the USAF chimps, that were used by the original NASA space research program, were going to be relocated to a biomedical research facility.

Take a look at this extensive site where you'll find photo galleries, family information, videos of the chimps and more. One shows 19 chimps who had been at a biomedical research foundation and had never touched grass their entire lives. Watch as these magnificent chimps explore their new beautiful surroundings!

Adopt-A-Chimp for "Chimpentine's"  Day!
Click on the images to see more.

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