Thursday, January 5, 2012

Be Mine Valentine!

I've always loved the sayings on those little pastel Valentine sugar hearts! 
Surprise your reading/writing classes on that sweet day by introducing these 24 
Valentine Language Arts worksheets to them.
 The picture on the front cover is our view from the Meistertrunk Hotel in Rothenburg ob der Tober, a charming walled in medieval German town, that's on the Romantick Strasse (Romantic Road). 

photo of Valentine's Day Activities, language arts activities, Grades 3 - 6 by Teacher Park,


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  2. Those Conversation Hearts are one of my Favorite Candies & I have a SWEET tooth!! But, they have to be the soft/chalky kind!! lol....Love those things. If my husband doesn't buy me my own bag each year (the big bag) I buy one and eat them like crazy! BUT, my comment is MAINLY to tell you that I have pass along the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD to you!! You can see how it works on my site! It's scheduled to post at midnight tonight. I didn't want to post my award on my blog for the same day I received, anyway, I appreciate how helpful and encouraging you are and thought you should be one of my top 5 favs! Thanks, Ann Marie Smith

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  4. Hi Ann Marie! Thanks so much for giving me the Liebster Award and sorry for posting this reply so late! I agree about the soft/chalky type of conversation hearts! I have a sweet tooth too. I could eat five pounds of M&M's in one sitting but unfortunately, I'd gain 100 pounds! LOL I love your blog and how upbeat and supportive you are. Blogging has been a great way to make new friends, like you. . I appreciate your sweet, kind thoughts. :)