Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chocolate Fever

Can you imagine what it would be like if you broke out in CHOCOLATE SPOTS while you were at school?? I would have been mortified if it had been me!  Kids love this book. Maybe it's because they've had some kind of allergic reaction and relate to it.

I remember the summer I was ten. It was a scorcher and my friend's mother had some ice cold oranges and gave us each one.  We sliced them in quarters and then began munching away. Orange juice dribbling down our chins, and laughing like goofy kids.

An hour later, I was at the doctor's office, covered from head to toe in huge hives. I was swelling up like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and couldn't see because my eyes were slits due to the swelling on my face.

"How are you feeling, dear" the doctor asked me. I peered at her and thought, are you kidding?
It was determined that I had an allergy to the white stuff on the skin of an orange. Just my luck, I had to have a cortisone shot and I wasn't the biggest fan of any sharp objects being jabbed into my arm.

After I read Chocolate Fever, I just had to create some easy to use, ready to print worksheets for my students that were standards based, yet fun to do. Whoever thought of writing Chocolate Fever couplets?
"There was a kid in New York, who looked like a chocolate stork...."  Fun Fun Fun!

Check out my packet! Don't worry, you won't break out in chocolate spots!

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