Saturday, January 21, 2012

Secret Valentines

I was looking at kids' Valentine packets in the store yesterday and couldn't believe how "tacky" they were.  Not only that, but they're expensive!

Every year, at school, I'm a "secret" Valentine. I sign my tiny initials on the kids' cards somewhere where they can hardly be seen. In Donald Duck's ear. On a shoe of a character. In a dialogue bubble.

When the kids open them, they alway make a comment "HEY! There's no name on THIS card! Who gave me a Valentine with NO NAME??"  I give myself one too and when I open it, I tell them that it happened to me too.

Once they've all opened them, they're buzzing about THE card that doesn't have a NAME. They look around the room as they look at each of their cards, trying to find out who gave them a card with no name. They're probably thinking that someone has a crush on them and doesn't want them to know. That's when the room becomes silent and they're all looking at each other shyly.

Eventually, one kid will give me a look, point at me and blurt out, "Ooooooo I know who gave us those cards!" Then I hear,  "WHO WHO WHO WHOOOO????  I tell them they sound like little owls. It's not long before someone finds my initials and they all begin searching for them. That's when I explain what a secret Valentine is and that I'm all their secret Valentines. Fun!

Getting back to the Valentines I saw in the store. The colors just aren't like the colors they used in the past and they weren't as cute as when I was a kid. When I got home, I decided to design some of my own. No, these aren't the big time designer name Valentine cards you see in the stores. These are the kind I'd LIKE to see in the stores.

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Here are six that I designed that you can download for free. I had a great time creating them!
I have other Valentine packets too if you'd like to look around my store :)
Click on the cover to download them. 

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